-What is your shoe size?
-7.5 US and 38 EU

-Are your feet ticklish?
-Yes, very.

-How old are you?

-Who takes your pictures?
-My husband and myself.

-Do you have a foot fetish or like feet?
-No, I do not. I appreciate the beauty of my own feet.

-Do your feet smell?
-No, I love to take care of them so they are always fresh :)

-Do you sell socks or worn Items?
-Yes I do! I have a page on my site you can check out. If I have anything available at the time, it will be listed for sale there. Keep a look out!

-Do you do "customs" or custom work?
-I don't take customs at this time, If it ever changes I'll make sure 

-Can I Skype with you?
-Sorry, no Skype!

-Do you book sessions or meet-ups?
- I don't offer either or meet ANYONE. Period. If you see me in person feel free to say Hi! just don't be a creep 😛 

-Can I share any of the pictures or videos I download from your site?
-You absolutely CANNOT! All the content available on my site if copyrighted and is not allowed to be shared or distributed by anyone. If you purchase anything or become a member on my site you are agreeing not to share anything published on www.mandysfeets.com. You will be banned from my site if you are found violating these terms.

-How can I reach you directly?
- mandy@mandysfeets.com or ohmandy56@gmail.com


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