FJ Sets & Videos


Sexy Pink Toes FJ

-53 HD picture set
-Footjob in bright pink
-Barefoot in see-through lingerie
-Full Body and Close up shots
-Frosted covered toes finish



Frosted Leather Flip Flops



-3 Minute 20 Second HD video
-Close-up video of my gold pedicured toes receiving a nice frosting 😉
-Showing off my frosted feet in flip flops and barefoot




Frosted Tushy Clean-Up Video



-6 Minute 10 Second HD video
-Barefoot worship & Feets fucking
-Tushy worship and  "frosting" clean up ending ;-P
-Yellow Daisy nail art pedi
-T-shirt & blue panties




Foot Sniff HJ



-6 Minute 35 second HD video
-Removing my sweaty flats and worshiping my pretty feets
-Showing my lucky guy some handy love 😉
-Barefoot in Jeans




Treats For Santa



-50 HD Picture set
-Christmas FJ
-Holiday green & red toes
-Frosted toes finish
-Close-up and full body shots





Orange Bejeweled FJ



-4 Minute long HD video
-Cozy and cute
-Orange bejeweled toes
-Frosting Toe Finish




Date Night FJ in Red



-6 Minute HD video
-Footjob after a night out with hubby
-Red flower dress and lacey white panties, flashing in full view 😉
-Cherry red toes
-Frosted toes finish, rubbing it all over my feets




Hot Chocolate FJ



-6 Minute 32 second HD video
-Sparkly brown pedicured toes
-Cream white leg warmers
-Frosted toes Finish



Frosted Sole Buffet



-5 Minute HD video
-Cum eating video
-My hubby frosting my soles and licking it up
-Close-up view



Date Night FJ 2 Video



-6 Minute HD video
-POV Footjob
-Yellow dress & nude peep toe heels
-Panty flash teasing
-Frosted toes & soles finish




Slippery Yellow Toes FJ Video



-4 Minute 22 second HD video
-Closeup POV
-Footjob with oiled up feets
-Yellow pedicured toes
-Frosted soles and toes finish




Sole Frosting Clean-Up Video



-3 Minute 26 second HD video
-Sole frosting
-Worship video
-Cum eating / Clean-up 
-Cuckolding humiliation




Black Toes & Soft Soles FJ Video



-7 minute HD video
-Footjob video
-Black pedicured toes
-POV soles and booty views
-Pink nightie & panties




White Toes Car FJ Video


-5 minute 57 second HD video
-White pedicured toes & cute red dress
-Car foot job video
-Toe frosting finish




Light Blue Toes FJ Video


-6 Minute 41 second HD Video
-Light blue pedicured toes
-POV Footjob
-EXPLOSIVE frosted toes finish




Frosted Flip Flops Video 


-4 minute 38 second HD video
-Frosting my leather flip flops
-Matte pastel pedi
-Close-up view
-"Frosting" play video




Cheerleader Footjob Set



-55 HD Picture set
-Cherry red toes and cheerleader costume <3
-LOTS of full-body and close-up shots
-Footjob set with f
rosted soles ending




After Dinner FJ Video



-8 Minute HD Footjob Video
-Light purple pedi
-Multiple angle views & Close-up shots
-Frosted toes finish





Sleepy Feets II



-11 minute 40 second HD video
-Sparkly black pedicure
-Sneaky foot worship while sleeping
-Frosting finish
-POV and third person views




Nylon Humiliation Set + Video


-22 Picture set
-2 minute 19 Second long HD video
-Ignoring & Small Penis Humiliation fetish
-Coral toes in grey nylons
-POV torture set
-Watch me laugh and humiliate my lucky guy as he jerks off to my perfect feet




Ruby Red FJ in Jeans



-8 Minute HD 1080p video
-POV footjob
-Ruby red pedicured toes showing love to my hubby
-Frosted toes ending and messy after-play.




Sweaty Footjob Set



-42 HD Picture set
-Sweaty gym feet footjob
-POV full body & Close-up set
-Frosted soles finish



Date Night Foot Job Video


-5:24 HD Video
-Date night in black pedicure &amp; heels
-Foot Job Video with sole and booty views
-Sole frosting finish




Sparkle Purple Love Foot Job Video

-7 Minute HD Video
-Sparkle purple pedicure
-Foot job video
-Barefoot sandals
-Toe frosting finish
-Close-up video



-6:01 HD video
-Relaxed Mandy with pink polish
-POV style foot job from different angels




Front Seat Foot Job and Frosting Video


-40 Picture Set and Video Combo
-1:13 HD Video of my feets getting frosted all over!
-Watch me wiggle and show you my frosting covered feets
-Sparkle black cherry polish
-Close-up and Full body shots
-Gold T bar sandals come off to show some love in the front seat to my lucky guy
-Frosted feets and soles shots




Showing Love in Blue Polish



-5 minute 48 Second HD video
-Metallic blue polished toes
-Sexy close up foot and hand job video
-Frosted toes and sole ending



White Toes Footjob Video



-5 minute 27 Second long HD Video
-White pedicured toes
-Footjob video
-Frosted toes and soles ending




Frosted Candy Toes


-2 minute 42 second HD video
-Frosted rainbow toes
-Toe wiggling
-Up-close view
-Messy covered toes playing with candy




Shoe Job in Black Toes Set and Video


-35 Picture set
-2:44 HD Video
-Matte black toes
-Shiny black Coach flip flops
-Frosted shoe play and toe wiggling video




Soles & Booty Footjob Video

-2:49 HD Video
-Foot job video
-Frosted Soles and toes
-Sparkle blue pedi
-Third-party video with full body view of me in my black lacy panties




Frosting My Present Toes

-2 Minute long HD video
-Cum covered wiggling
-Red Present toes
-Toe close up video




Oily French Tip Footjob Set & Video


-5:44 HD video
-27 Picture Set
-French pedi toes
-Oiled up, slippery footjob
-Nightie and anklet

-$18 for BOTH, Video & Picture set!



Blue Rose Toes Footjob


-45 Picture Set
-Footjob set
-Blue rose pedicure
-Feet in Jeans
-POV soles and toe view
-Frosted toes




Naughty Cupid Video

-6:06 minutes long
-Foot job Video
-Cupid Mandy
-Pink Toes
-Frosted covered toes and soleswithquick lick clean up




Tube Sock Strip Tease Foot Job Video


-6:31 minutes long
-Blue mix toes
-Jean Shorts and glasses
-Close up frosting finish!





Sleepy Feets Sneak Attack Video


-4:45 HD video
-POV Style
-Confetti Toes
-Sole frosting finish




Foot Tease Handyjob Clip


-3 Minute long clip
-Feet teasing while I give a handjob
-Frosted toes and soles ending
-Pink toes




Cherry Toes Footjob Set


-For Sale ONLY Set
-62 Pictures
-Full body nudie tease
-Cherry toes giving a long footjob
-In pigtails and panties while being all adorable and shit ;P
-Frosted lollipop licking action
-Frosted toes and covered soles


Get Both Picture Set and 5 Min Video

Cherry Toes Footjob Video


Cherry Toes Footjob Video Screenshot

-5 Minute video
-Cherry Toes giving a long footjob
-Booty and sole views
-Frosted lollipop licking action
-Adorable, naughty Mandy


Get Both Picture Set and 5 Min Video

Both 5 minute video and 62 picture set together!


-25 Pictures
-Frosted Cherry red toesin Nylons
-Close-up shots
-Toes Only set




Black Toes Nylon Foot Job Set


-41 HD Pictures
-Full Body and Close up POV style shots
-Foot Job in nude nylons, a first for me 😉
-Sexy "frosted" covered nylon toes make a sticky mess

Black Toes Nylon Foot Job Video

-2:48 Video
-1080p High Definition w/sound
-Sexylingerie FJ in my Nylons
-POV Style

-Picture Set + Video
-41 Picture Set
-2:48 minute HD video


Black Toes Nylon Foot Job Set (1)

-18 Picture Set
-Posing in my sexy lingerie and showing of my feets in nude nylons
-Booty shots , toes, and soles



Ruby Red Foot Job


-92 Picture Set
-Full body set
-Messy ending, rubbing my soles on his frosted boxers 😉



Toy Blue Footjob Set


-50 HD Pictures
-Full Body and Close up shots
-Sexy shoot of my feet giving a footjob to completion ;P
-All Unique shots and lots "frosted" covered images

-2:15 "HAPPY ENDING" Video
-1080p High Definition w/sound
-Sexy video with a "splash" ending 😉
-POV Style

-Picture Set + Happy Ending Video
-50 Picture Set
-2:15 minute HD video



Dark Blue Toes Footjob


My feets treating my man to a footjob for all of you to enjoy 🙂
-Full body images
-44 HD Pictures
-Tease shots and EXPLICIT POV views of my feet giving a footjob and getting a sticky mess on them at the end!
-Close-up and wide shots,

-2:17 "HAPPY ENDING" Video
-1080p High Definition w/sound
-Sexy video with a "splash" ending 😉
-POV Style

-Picture Set + Happy Ending Video
-44 Picture Set
-2:17 minute HD video