For Sale 2015


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Santa Baby Set


-67 Picture Set
-Christmas lights wrap my pretty feet
-Forest green pedi
-Fan gifted clear heels and lingerie
-Close up and Full body mix set



Sleepy Feets Sneak Attack Video


-4:45 HD video
-POV Style
-Confetti Toes
-Sole frosting finish


Coffee Date Cuties

-74 Picture set
-Featuring my friend Jordan
-Jordan's little toes in rose polish <3
-My cute toes in confetti pedi
-Boots, socks, and bare feet
-Sock removal and sock play
-Public feets set



Tribal Toes Balcony Tease Set


-Tribal Toes
-38 Picture Set
-Public flashing
-Pink Dress & barefoot sandal
-Naughty Mandy set



Tatt-Toes Set


-67 Picture Set
-Pure Tatts on my ankle, feet, leg
-Chocolate sparkle toes
-Clear sandals, Skirt and lots of leg
-Full Body Shoot


Foot Tease Handyjob Clip


-3 Minute long clip
-Feet teasing while I give a handjob
-Frosted toes and soles ending
-Pink toes


Chuck Punks Set


-88 Pictures
-Nicole in silver toes Feature set
-Pink Toes
-Barefoot and in Converse sneakers
-Small penis humiliation, middle fingers and teasing shot
-Close up & full body shots


Feet in Jeans & Pink Toes


-90 Pictures
-Full body outdoor set
-Close up shots
-Barefoot and in my warm moccasins


Cherry Toes Footjob Video


Cherry Toes Footjob Video Screenshot

-5 Minute video
-Cherry Toes giving a long footjob
-Booty and sole views
-Frosted lollipop licking action
-Adorable, naughty Mandy


Get Both Picture Set and 5 Min Video

Both 5 minute video and 62 picture set together!

Cherry Toes Footjob Set


-For Sale ONLY Set
-62 Pictures
-Full body nudie tease
-Cherry toes giving a long footjob
-In pigtails and panties while being all adorable and shit ;P
-Frosted lollipop licking action
-Frosted toes and covered soles


Get Both Picture Set and 5 Min Video

Both 5 minute video and 62 picture set together!

Red Toes Frosted Nude Nylons Set


-25 Pictures
-Frosted Cherry red toesin Nylons
-Close-up shots
-Toes Only set


Lazy Sunday Set


-55 Pictures
-Cherry red toes
-Full body outdoor set
-Rainbow flip flops, anklet, and toe ring dressing my sexy feet
-Naughty Mandy tease shots


Kandyapple Flip Flops Set!!


-36 Pictures
-Nicole's first feature
-Full body set with close up shots of her soles and pretty toes
-Flip flop dangles


Footsie Kombat Video and Picture Set!!


-76 Pictures
-5:03 minute HD video of me and my friend Nicole playing video games
-Loser worships the winner's pretty feet....GIGGLES!
-Soles, tops, toe wiggles, feet kissing, & sole licking fun!


Tribal Toes French Maid Set


-71 Pictures
-Tribal pedi in stripper heels and bare feet
-Full Body and Close up Shots
-Sexy french maid cleaning and washing my feets
-Sexy tease set


Summer Day at the Park


-60 Pictures
-Featuring my lovely friend Nicole
-Full Body and Close up Shots
-Leggy ladies in The Pose
-Pretty pedicures in sandals and barefoot
-Shoe play and footsies fun

Beach Fun


-101 Pictures
-Wet and sandy feet
-Full body and Close up shots of my toes & soles.
-Making and stomping on sand castles
-My pretty feet in tribal pedi with barefoot sandals

Pretty Toes in Royal Blue


-57 Pictures
-Royal blue dress and heels
-Barefoot, foot licking, and shoe play
-Full body & Close up shots of my toes, tops and soles

Frosted Tribal Tease Set


-42 Pictures
-Nude tease set
-Full body & Close up shots of my toes, tops and soles
-"Frosted" toes

Tribal Toes Shoe Play Set

-76 Picture Set
-Pink and blue tribal toes playing with some fan gift shoes
-Close up toes, tops and sole shots
-Shoe play, dangles, and feets on shoes...

July 4th Set


-56 Picture Set
-Soles and sparklers!
-The Pose, Close-up sots, full body sots


Black Toes Nylon Foot Job Set


-41 HD Pictures
-Full Body and Close up POV style shots
-Foot Job in nude nylons, a first for me 😉
-Sexy "frosted" covered nylon toes make a sticky mess

Black Toes Nylon Foot Job Video

-2:48 Video
-1080p High Definition w/sound
-Sexylingerie FJ in my Nylons
-POV Style

-Picture Set + Video
-41 Picture Set
-2:48 minute HD video


Black Toes Nylon Foot Job Set (1)

-18 Picture Set
-Posing in my sexy lingerie and showing of my feets in nude nylons
-Booty shots , toes, and soles

Beach Feets


-56 Picture set
-Full body set
-Me wearing my new anklet
-Staying cool in my beach hat and cute two piece
-Sandy toes & sole close ups

Ruby Red Toes Under Blue Sky


-38 Picture set
-Full body set
-Barefoot sandals and booty shorts ;P

Ruby Red Toes in Bling


-64 Picture set
-Full body set
-Barefoot sandals, anklet, and toe rings.

Ruby Red Foot Job


-92 Picture Set
-Full body set
-Messy ending, rubbing my soles on his frosted boxers 😉

Tickle Torture!!!


Screen Cap


-Tickle torture video and picture set!
-18 Picture Set
-8:50 Minute long tickle video
-Me getting tickled with a brush, a feather duster, and a spank paddle


Worn Socks


Work socks worn during a few work shifts, each around 10 hours.



Another pair of work socks, worn for a few days.



Workout socks worn during 3 workout sessions.


Cherry Blossom Toes by the River Set


-114 Picture Set
-Cherry Blossom toes in sparkly thong sandals and barefoot
-Full body and close up shots
-Shows off all angles of my pretty feet



Toy Blue Toes Outdoor Set


-63 Picture Set
-My pretty toes in toy blue polish in my pink coach sandals
-Full Body and Close Up mix
-Bright and Colorful set 🙂



Toy Blue Footjob Set


-50 HD Pictures
-Full Body and Close up shots
-Sexy shoot of my feet giving a footjob to completion ;P
-All Unique shots and lots "frosted" covered images

-2:15 "HAPPY ENDING" Video
-1080p High Definition w/sound
-Sexy video with a "splash" ending 😉
-POV Style

-Picture Set + Happy Ending Video
-50 Picture Set
-2:15 minute HD video

Blue Toes Tease


-50 Picture set
-Full Body Set
-Sexy teasing and light nudity
-Soles, Arches, Toes, Heels, Legs, and Booty;)
-Part 1 of 2



Foot Rub Time

-1080p HD Resolution
-10:34 Long
-Close up point of view



Well Worn Work Shoes


My old work shoes I used for at least 2 years before i retired them are up for sale, they are very well worn and still have the same insole that came with the shoes and have my foot and toe silouhete outlined in them. This pair includes a 10 picture Set available for download to enjoy while you wait for the shoes to arrive at your door 🙂

-Free Shipping to lower 48 States ONLY



Plaid Canvas Slip Ons


VERY old canvas slip ons! I think I've had these for almost 10 years...and still wear them somehow 😛 They are super well worn and close to unusable so I have to sadly let them go. My loss is your gain! -16 Image set included in the purchase of these flats available immediately after purchase

-Free Shipping to lower 48 States ONLY



Plaid Nylon Boat Shoes


Nylon boat shoes I've had for a very long time, I used these during the last summers barefoot. They are nylon so they really made my feet sweat and with a slight odor. If you purchase these shoes you'll receive a download link for a 12 HD picture set of me modeling the shoes before i got them ready to ship 🙂

-Free Shipping to lower 48 States ONLY

Pointy Tribal Canvas Flats


Old and worn point canvas flats. I've had this pair for since 2011-They'll be mailed to you vacuum sealed, My feet do not have a pungent smell, but my feet do sweat in them 😉
- The include an instant download of 17 pictures of my feet in the shoes and a personalized Thank you card-$60
-Free Shipping to lower 48 States ONLY


Dark Blue Toes Footjob


My feets treating my man to a footjob for all of you to enjoy 🙂
-Full body images
-44 HD Pictures
-Tease shots and EXPLICIT POV views of my feet giving a footjob and getting a sticky mess on them at the end!
-Close-up and wide shots,

-2:17 "HAPPY ENDING" Video
-1080p High Definition w/sound
-Sexy video with a "splash" ending 😉
-POV Style

-Picture Set + Happy Ending Video
-44 Picture Set
-2:17 minute HD video

Naughty Sparkle Toes in Bed

-Full body set
-34 Pictures
-Sparkly Red Toes lounging around at home
-Sexy Panty play, Teasing, Toes, Tops and Sole Close-up shots in this one 😀


Rose Toes Around the House

-Feet only Set
-46 Images
-Rose Toes pedicure relaxed around my house
-Toes, tops and Sole Close-ups shots starting off undressing them from my socks 🙂


Pink French Pedi in Rainbow Flip Flops Set

-Full Body Set
-36 Picture Set
-Toe Licking tease!
-Classic Set made in 2013, Not available until now 🙂
-Natural lighting full body shoot in my old Rainbow Sandals
-Shoe Play


Purple Toes in Bling

-Feet only Set
-95 Images
-Purple polish and sparkly leggings with my favorite jewelry
-Toes and Sole Close-ups of my feet


Feets on the Mountain Top

-Beautiful View...of my Feets! Mountain Top lookout shoot
-100 Picture Set
-Navy and Orange toes enjoying the weather outside at one of my favorite places ever 🙂
-Mostly full Body along Close-ups of my feet
-Barefoot in Jeans for all you feet in jeans lovers


Summer Hike Feets

-Summer Hke time!
-105 Picture Set
-Sky Blue Toes and super soft skin fresh from a pedicure 😉
-Great mix of full Body and Close-ups of my feet in my favorite hiking sandals


Bubble Bath Feets

-Bubble bath fun!
-66 Pictures of close-ups and full body teases.
-My light blue toes and pink soles look so soft after a good soak 🙂


Rose Toes in Sandals

-Close up shots of my toes in rose polish, showing off different sandals
-Includes:pink beaded flip flops, brown leather sandals, Rainbow (brand) flip flops and a pretty barefoot sandal (jewelry)
-79 image set


Pastel Rainbow Toes in Flower Dress

-Full Body & Close-up shots of my pastel rainbow pedicure in different heeled sandals
-Includes barefoot, putting on/taking off of shoes & shoe play
-75 image set


Teal Toes at the Park

-Full body & Close-up shots of my teal toes at the park
-End of the Day setting
-80 Image Set


Purple Toes in Pink Sandals

-My cute purple toes in a pair of neon pink sandals
-Shoe play and traditional poses
-Closeup Set, tops and sides only, no sole shots
-95 image set


Pink Toes Tie Play Set

-Closeup set of my feet playing with a necktie
-Plenty of soles, side, and pink-polished toe shots
-This set includes black & white captures in addition to color
-40 image set


Barefoot on Couch (Pastel Toes)

-80 picture set of my pastel rainbow pedi.
-Barefoot relaxed set with lots of sole, full body and close-up shots.
-Feet on glass table, the pose, and hot high arch action 😉


Shoe Fetish Set (Bare Toes)

-Bare Toes Set **Please note: This set was taken with a nail injury, so no close up shots of my bare big toes. I like to call this a "strategic set".**
-Mostly soles, arches and side profile shots of my feet and this is a full body set
-Bare foot set, my feet are not actually wearing any shoes
-40 image set


Pastel Toes in Flip Flops & Footless Tights

-Pastel Rainbow toes in different flip flops and bare foot of course 🙂
-Footless tights and anklet
-Full body & close-up shots
-98 image set


Pastel Toes with Toe Rings

-Pastel Rainbow toes with pretty silver toe rings
-Mostly toe shots, some sole and arches.
-27 Image Set

Shoe Dangling Video

-Red toes dangling heels and flats
-For fans of my high arches!
-6 minute HD video

Silver Crackle Toes Mixed Set

-Silver Crackle Polish toes, barefoot and in flip flops
-Full body shots and closeups, some soles and mostly toes
-a few of me sniffing and licking my toes 😛
-61 image set

Naughty Santa Set (+ video!)

-My candy cane toes in a sexy Santa outfit!
-Features a boot removal and some shots in clear slides
-Yum! I also lick whipped cream off my candy cane toes and sweet soles
-Lots of teasing, full body & closeup shots of my toes and soles
**This set includes a 2 minute HD video of me licking whipped cream off my feet**
-Huge Set! 153 pictures because I couldn't trim it down any more 🙂


Christmas Set in Leg Warmers

-Christmas Themed Set featuring my Snowflake Pedicure & cozy leg warmers
-Full body set
-Many toe & sole shots
-Includes a few toe lick pictures 😉
-80 Image set

Pink Chucks Set 1

-Do you like sneakers? Nothing is better than Converse Allstars, right? 🙂 How about these cute pink platform ones?
-Barefoot in these sneakers, sockless.
-Lots of legs shots, close-ups of my feet and full-body shots of me in these cuties.
-85 pictures in this set

Snowflake Toes & Toe Rings

-58 image set
-Close up and full body shots
-Pictures of all angles of my feet. Mix of toes & soles, lots of side shots too 🙂

Dirty Imprint Set

-40 Image set
-Close-up shots of my pretty feets 🙂
-Pink Toes in Red peep-toe flats, White platform Flip Flops, White slide heels, and my favorite Rainbow Sandals

Shoe Play Set

-Mixed collection of my feet playing with different heels and sandals
-Mixed polishes: includes pink, french pedicure, neon green, purple, and more!
-63 pictures in this set

Black Toes Mixed Set

-Mixed collection of black polished toe shots
-Closeup and full body shots
-Mostly barefoot shots and barefoot sandal anklet shots, with few shoe shots.
-40 pictures in this set

Pink Toes & Pearls Set


-Pink polished toes wrapped in a pearl necklace
-Nice closeups of my toes and soles
-6 Black & White images
-29 picture set

French Pedicure Barefoot Set

-My bare feet painted in a pretty French Tip pedicure
-30 pictures, mostly toe shots
-Toe scrunches and spreads, some wrinkled soles

Foot Worship Video

-Self worship video!
-10 minutes long, Lots of close up and full body views.
-Background sounds, kissing, sucking, and slurpin' all over the place haha 🙂

Pink French Pedi in Toe Rings

-Nice 40+ Picture set in HD.
-Classy close up set of my feet in a pink french pedicure wearing some of my favorite toe rings!
-Mixed shots of my pretty toes & smooth freshly pampered soles and arches.

Halloween Toes

-My Halloween pedicured toes in different light settings, wearing toe rings.
-Includes 92 images 😀
-Close-ups of toes, soles and arches.

-I loved this pedicure! I like the mix in pictures and lighting.
-Some are a little spooky and some are just gorgeous, perfect for the fall season. 🙂

The Pose Set

-45 High Resolution images of me in "The Pose"

-Mixed collection of "The Pose"
-Close ups & fullbody shots
-Black toes and black lace Dress
-Purple toes on my couch, feet in jeans
-Silver Crackle black toes in flip flops on my bed
-Pink toes, purple shirt, and corduroys outdoors
-Fan gift 1 - Red peep toe slingbacks in boy shorts, because fan gifts deserve their own thank you set! 😉
-Fan gift 2 - Wooden wedge sandals on my bed

Tied Up Feets

-This set is is a collection of 25 HIGH RESOLUTION images of my feet tied up with a silk ribbon in The Pose.

-Red toes, lots of soles and arches!
-Bunch of feet from different shots while in "The Pose" bound in a silk ribbon 😉
-Sexy shots of my bum in cute red boy-short panties 😀

Sock Removal Tease

-This listing is for 43 HIGH RESOLUTION images of me teasing and undressing my feet.

-Black extremely low cut socks with french pedi - nice toe cleavage 😉
-Comfy rainbow socks, teasing soles - my favorite pair, they help keep my feet feel real soft!
-White ruffly ankle socks with lavender polish - toe close-ups!