For Sale 2018


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Winter Night Toes


-36 HD Picture set
-Winter night themed shoe removal
-Mistletoe pedicured toes
-Red peep-toe pumps
-Full body & close-up set



By the Christmas Tree Set


-45 HD Picture set
-Green see-thru nightie and thong
-Barefoot full body set
-Sparkle white mistletoe pedi
-Lots of good tease and booty shots in this one <3





Blue Toes in Heels Set


-35 HD picture set
-Light blue pedicured toes
-Showing off 3 pairs of new shoes
-Close-up set



Blue Toes Sock Removal Set



-30 Picture Set
-Naughty sock removal set
-Comfy in a loose fitting sweater & thong undies
-Light blue toes
-Full body tease shots





Sleepy Feets II



-11 minute 40 second HD video
-Sparkly black pedicure
-Sneaky foot worship while sleeping
-Frosting finish
-POV and third person views



Dusty Feets on the Tracks


-30 HD Picture set
-Feeturing Katie
-Barefoot in Jeans and leather jackets
-Dusty soles on the train tracks
-Full body and close-up set


Pumkins and Toes!


-30 Picture set
-Pumpkin sweater and skinny jeans
-Sparkle black toes
-Full body and close-up set



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Nightfall in Lace Set


-33 HD Picture set
-Black lace dress and pedicure
-Barefoot set
-Flash-lit evening theme
-Full body and close-up shots


Pokla Dot PJs Set


-35 Picture set
-Barefoot with black pedicured toes
-Lounging in pink polka dot pj's
-Lots of sole shots <3
-Full body set


Foot Worship with Katie Video


-8 Minute 29 Second HD video
-Feeturing Katie / Katsolesss
-Girl-Girl Foot worship
-Black and Pink pedis


Foot Worship with Katie Set


-33 Picture Set
-Feeturing Katie
-Girl-Girl foot worship
-Black and pink pedicures
-High heels & bare feet
-Full body and close-up shots


Nylon Humiliation Set + Video


-22 Picture set
-2 minute 19 Second long HD video
-Ignoring & Small Penis Humiliation fetish
-Coral toes in grey nylons
-POV torture set
-Watch me laugh and humiliate my lucky guy as he jerks off to my perfect feet


Sweet Sandals & Toes Set



-35 Picture Set
-Doughnut Flip flops
-Shoe play and barefoot
-Coral pedicured toes
-Full body & close-up set



Tasting My Toes Video


-5 Minute 13 Second HD video
-Self worship video
-Kissing, licking, and sucking all over my feets
-Pink and blue pedicure


Zero Suit Feets Set


-25 Picture set
-Zero Suit Samus cosplay
-Barefoot edition
-Dusty soles
-Pink and blue pedicure


Blueberry Crush Video



-5 Minute HD video
-Smashing some blueberries
-Close up toes view
-ASMR crushing



Barefoot in Bed with Katsolesss Set


-25 Picture set
-Feeturing Katesolesss
-Barefoot cuties playing footsie in bed
-Pink nighties & shorts
-Legs & sole lovers set 🙂
-Part 1 of 2 (Follow and Message @katsolesss for the 2nd part!)




Shoe Removal with Katsolesss Set



-25 Picture set
-Feeturing my friend Katie
-Sockless Chucks and pink pedi on Mandy
-Jordans in socks, coming off miss Katie in dark red polished toes
-SOLE lovers set
-Shot by @GoldSoulVisions
FOLLOW & MESSAGE  @katsolesss on instagram to get the 1st part of this set 


Tied Up and Tickled Set & Video



-6:48 HD Video
-Tickling video
-Tied up by the ankles and hog tied in the pose




-30 Picture set
-Tied up Mandy
-Full body and close-up shots
-Ruby red nail polish


Get them together and save 🙂




Ignoring You in Ruby Red



-6:44 HD 1080p
-Ignoring video
-Ruby red pedicure
-Barefoot in jeans sole view


Ruby Red FJ in Jeans



-8 Minute HD 1080p video
-POV footjob
-Ruby red pedicured toes showing love to my hubby
-Frosted toes ending and messy after-play.


Downtown in Strappy Heels Set


-40 Picture Set
-Evening stroll downtown
-Sexy strappy black leather heels
-Shiny blue pedi
-Leggy shots in my pretty blue dress


Lola Bunny Feets Set


-45 Picture set
-Lola Bunny cosplay
-Crop top jersey and white panties
-Blue pedicure
-Full body set
-Lots of booty, soles, and toes


Sweaty Footjob Set



-42 HD Picture set
-Sweaty gym feet footjob
-POV full body & Close-up set
-Frosted soles finish


Cuties by the River Set



-40 HD Picture set
-Featuring Taylor in a light blue pedi
-Dark purple toes & black heels on me
-Showing off our feets in shoes and barefoot on a stroll by the river


Purple Toes in Platform Flip-flops Set


-40 HD Pictures
-Barefoot and in platform flip-flops
-Full body and Close-up shots
-Leg lovers set


Dolls in Flats Set


-35 Picture Set
-Feeturing my friend Taylor
-Outdoor downtown stroll
-In flats and barefoot
-Bare nails on Taylor and pink spring toes on me
-Sweaters and jeans


Princess Spring Feets Set


-32 HD Pictures
-Spring Princess Mandy
-Barefoot with Pink french pedicured toes
-Full Body set
-Lots of leg shots


Lucky Shamrocks & Toes Set



-30 HD Picture Set
-St. Patrick's Day 2018
-Green Velvet body suit
-Gold and green sparkly toes
-Flashing my shamrock pasties and anklet
-Full Body and close-up shots
-Tease Set


Date Night Foot Job Video


-5:24 HD Video
-Date night in black pedicure &amp; heels
-Foot Job Video with sole and booty views
-Sole frosting finish


Pizza and Chucks Set


-40 Picture set
-Tasty pizza and sweaty feets
-Chucks sneaker removal
-Black pedicure


Sparkle Purple Love Foot Job Video

-7 Minute HD Video
-Sparkle purple pedicure
-Foot job video
-Barefoot sandals
-Toe frosting finish
-Close-up video


Sweetheart Nurse Set



-30 Picture Set
-Valentine's 2018 set
-Sweetheart Nurse costume
-Tease set
-White fishnets
-Black pedicured toes


Comfy Feets with Megan



-32 Picture set
-My friend Megan feature
-Comfy in leggings while enjoying some hot chocolate and cookies
-Sparkly purple toes
-Pretty pastel pedi on Miss Megan





Mistress Mandy Set


-30 HD Picture set
-Mistress Mandy domination
-Slave worship set
-Fishnet nylon feets in flirty panties and black corset
-Sparkle lavender polish


Hotwife Feets Set


-25 Picture set
-Hotwife date tease
-Barefoot in cute undies
-Sparkly purple polish and silver HW anklet
-Full body set